Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chinese Documentary Makers on Australian TV & Radio

Ou Ning, director of Meishi Street and a guest of this year's Melbourne International Film Festival. Ou appeared as part of the festival's "Street Level Visions: Chinese Independent Docos" program.
 The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) wound up on Sunday (19 August), and with it the Street Level Visions program of independent Chinese documentaries curated by myself. The Chinese program was a great success, with many sessions sold out and a lot of audience and media interest (see the previous couple of posts).

Here’s a final round up of the media coverage of the Street Level Visions program:

The ABC’s Newsline broadcast a story on China’s independent sector and Street Level Visions yesterday (22 August). The segment featured interviews with MIFF guests Ou Ning (Meishi Street), Wang Jiuliang (Beijing Besieged by Waste) and myself, and was aired internationally on the Australia Network, and within Australia on the ABC’s 24 hour news channel. You can watch the story online here.

The ABC’s Radio Australia broadcast an interview with me and Ou Ning on 14 August, that can be accessed here.

And Ou Ning and Wang Jiuliang appeared on SBS’s Cantonese radio channel while in Melbourne. You can listen to that interview here.

Thanks to all those who came out to support the program at MIFF, and to all the MIFF team for helping to make it happen. And of course Ou Ning and Wang Jiuliang – two amazing filmmakers and very gracious guests.

Wang Jiuliang, director of Beijing Besieged by Waste, was also a guest at this year's MIFF.


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