Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dGenerate: Taking Chinese Indie Films to the US

Apologies – time has once again gotten away from me and it's weeks since I last posted. I blame a string of visitors to the capital  – and too many nights out as a result.

A lot has been happening so to get the ball rolling again here's an interview I conducted some time ago with Kevin Lee, Vice President of Programming and Education for dgenerate Films, a non-theatrical US distributor that's taking Chinese independent cinema to North American audiences. Their website has become an important source of news on Chinese independent cinema, and they have been kind enough to link to several of my Screening China posts and other articles this year.

The interview below was conducted during Kevin's visit to Beijing earlier this year and was published in Agenda magazine (no. 66, November 4-17), the sister publication to the Beijinger magazine. It was also published on theBeijinger.com on November 18.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Vicious Circle of Justice: Zhao Liang’s Crime and Punishment

Zhao Liang's Crime and Punishment.
 Zhao Liang is one of my favourite contemporary Chinese documentary filmmakers. As well as mentioning him many times on this blog, I wrote about his most recent film Petition for RealTime back in June. Last week I contributed a review of Zhao's earlier film, Crime and Punishment (2007), to the dgenerate Films blog. You can read the review below, or see it in it's original context here.